Kalamazoo Flower Group, LLC
8937 Krum Ave
Galesburg, MI 49053
Kalamazoo Flower Group | Over 100 acres of greenhouses to serve you!
Our Facility
Kalamazoo Flower Group built a 40,000
square foot cross-dock and office facility
in 2008. The construction of the new
building incorporated environmentally
responsible materials for efficiency and to
support our
company-wide sustainability
About Us
Kalamazoo Flower Group is a wholesale
bedding-plant annual supplier servicing a
large number of garden center customers
that span a wide geographic area.  
Kalamazoo Flower Group was originally
the marketing division of the Kalamazoo
Valley Plant Growers Cooperative until
becoming an LLC when it was split off from
the Co-op in late 2007.  
Spring bedding-plants and potted annuals
make up the largest share of our business
but we also offer items for all seasons
such as Fall Pansies, Garden Mums,
Poinsettias, Perennials, and other potted
holiday crops.  Please see our
section for additional details on our current
item lineup.  
Our People
At Kalamazoo Flower Group we believe
that a friendly and knowledgeable staff is
the key to properly meeting your needs.  
We are a progressively-minded company
that looks to foster a culture of respect for
each individual, a commitment to personal
integrity and a concern for the
environment. With this in mind we have
assembled a team of professionals who
possess years of experience within the
greenhouse and floral industries to ensure
that your business is handled properly.
fax: 269.342.1644
sales office: 800.253.4898
In the Media
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Flower Group.
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